In 1983 PT Perdana Karya Perkasa Tbk (PKPK) was established primarily to support the operation of these oil and gas blocks by PT Vico Indonesia, Total E&P Indonesie, and PKPK's new customer since 2011 is Salamander Energy Ltd. Some time later, PKPK also expanded its business operations in other areas, such as in the Kangean and Pagerungan blocks for PT EMP Kangean, and most recently in the Sampang (Madura) area for Santos Energy Ltd, but basically PKPK's main business area is East Kalimantan. PKPK's business development in other sectors will later be carried out in the East Kalimantan region. PKPK's important business development in other sectors was coal transportation for PT Pamapersada Nusantara in Bontang in the late 1990s, then coal mining and the plantation support sector in 2005. The business development in the coal sector also marked the development of management, because together with PKPK carried out a Public Offering 20, 83% to the public, and listed its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in July 2007. The latest business sectors operated by PKPK are oil and gas supporting construction services for PT Vico Indonesia, Total E&P Indonesie, Salamander Energy Ltd, and Santos Energy Ltd, plantation services, including for the Smart group of companies, coal mining, and heavy equipment rental as a sector. support for these key business sectors. In 2021, PT Deli Pratama Batubara acquired 900.000.000 shares or 75 percent of all issued and fully paid shares in PT Perdana Karya Perkasa Tbk.